Lost Student Driving Eligibility Certificate

A Driving Eligibility Certificate (D.E.C.) is a printed document that is issued by the school principal and/or the principle’s designee. The Driving Eligibility Certificate certifies that the student is currently enrolled in school and has demonstrated adequate academic progress toward graduation. A D.E.C. is needed when a student plans to apply for a North Carolina driving permit or license.

The Driving Eligibility Certificate is only valid for 30 days from the date of issue. An updated certificate is necessary after 30 days of receiving the first one. If the Certificate has been lost, you must contact the student’s High School office to inquire about the next date that your student will be eligible to request another D.E.C. form.

Private and Charter school students must also obtain a Driving Eligibility Certificate from their high school office. If they lose their D.E.C. form, they will need to contact their school’s main office and request another one.

To learn how home school students may receive a Driving Eligibility Certificate, please visit this NCDOA website page.

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