Eye Check Procedure for Saturday Classes

To drive in the driver education vehicle, a student must have a Restricted Instruction Permit (eye check) that has been completed by a representative from the School Bus and Traffic Safety Division of DMV or a DMV officer.

The Restricted Instruction Permit must be filled out in ink and all information must be complete. The Saturday class teacher will issue the form on the first day of class, and it will be filled out with the guidance of the teacher. The student will then take the Restricted Instruction Permit home for a parent to sign.

Since a DMV representative does not come to the Saturday class to do a vision and medical screening, students will have to go to the DMV on their own to get the Restricted Instruction Permit signed by a DMV representative.

To be eligible to take the vision and medical screening at a DMV location, students must have the following:

  • The Restricted Instruction Permit signed by the classroom teacher
  • An original or certified copy of a Birth Certificate (no photo copies)
  • Social Security Card (original, not laminated)
  • Corrective lenses (if necessary)
  • Parent or legal guardian

If the student gets the Restricted Instruction Permit completed before the last day of class, then they will turn the form in to their Driver Education teacher. If a student does not go to the DMV before the last day of the Saturday class, then they should keep the Restricted Instruction Permit, go to a DMV office whenever convenient, and either mail, fax, or bring the completed form to the Jordan Driving School office.

Students will not be assigned to a Behind-the-Wheel teacher for driving until the student has taken the vision screening, and we have a completed Restricted Instruction Permit in the Jordan Driving School office.

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