18 Year-Old Students

Students who are 18 years old, but are still enrolled in a public, private, charter or licensed home school in Mecklenburg County may still take Driver Education. However, they must go to the DMV and apply for their permit before they can be scheduled for the Behind-the-Wheel lessons with Jordan Driving School. Once the student has been issued a NC permit, they will need to send a copy of the permit to the Jordan Driving School office either by fax (704-537-6179) or by mailing it to Jordan Driving School Charlotte at:

Jordan Driving School Charlotte
8420 University Executive Park Drive
Suite 820
Charlotte, NC 28262

Please indicate on the paper that you are sending in to our office which high school the student took their 30 hour Driver Education class at, and approximately when they took that course. Once the copy of the permit is received, the student will be eligible to be called by one of the Jordan Driving School behind the wheel teachers and will be placed in the driving file in the order that they took the class in.

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