Behind-the-Wheel Policy

Behind-the-Wheel Covid-19 Safety Protocol

In order to maintain the health and safety of students and instructors during this time, a Covid-19 safety protocol has been adopted. Students will not be allowed to drive without reviewing and signing the safety protocol. All students and instructors must follow the protocol in order to resume behind-the-wheel instruction in Mecklenburg County. The Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools/Jordan Driving School safety protocol and the required student waiver form can be found here.

Behind-the-Wheel Scheduling

Once a student has successfully completed the 30 hour Driver Education classroom phase, they will receive a call from one of our Behind-the-Wheel (BTW) teachers to schedule BTW classes. The wait time to receive a call for the behind-the-wheel portion of Driver Education is approximately 20 weeks after the last day of the classroom phase. At certain times of the year, the wait time for a call to schedule the road lessons for a student may be shorter or longer than 20 weeks. This wait time is based on the number of classes held during a month and the volume of students who take the course at any given time. During high volume times of the year such as Summer Break, Winter Break, and Spring Break, the wait time for the behind-the-wheel phase will likely be longer than the average wait time. If a student does not complete the eye check within their classroom time or if a student is issued a medical call from the DMV, the above time frames will begin once the student's paperwork has been completed and turned into the Jordan Driving School office. If a student has taken and passed the classroom portion of Driver Education and has not been scheduled for BTW within the above listed time frame, please contact Jordan Driving School, Charlotte at 704-566-9900. It is possible that the student's contact information such as telephone number(s) or home address may be incorrect and need to be updated, or the student may not have a completed eye check/Restricted Instructional Permit on file.

Code of Student Conduct

This program is provided by the Driver Education Department of Charlotte Mecklenburg Schools. Students participating in the Driver Education program MUST adhere to the “Code of Student Conduct” identified in the “Student Rights, Responsibilities and Character Development Handbook” for Charlotte Mecklenburg Schools (CMS). The CMS Code of Student Conduct may be downloaded and viewed in its entirety here.

  • As per CMS Driver Education policy, no tardiness or early dismissal is allowed for any BTW class.
  • You must be in class the full class session to receive credit for that day.
  • Students must arrange transportation to and from their BTW class.
  • As per CMS policy, students must be picked up within 15 minutes of the daily class completion. NO LOITERING ON CAMPUS.

Grounds for Dismissal

Grounds for dismissal from class are as follows: (a) disrespect to instructor or fellow students, (b) disruption of class, (c) sleeping in the car, (d) talking unnecessarily, (e) using electronic devices during instruction, i.e., cell phones, blackberries, iPods, etc. (f) being in an area of the school site which is off limits to students, (g) smoking, (h) violation of the transportation rule above, (i) profanity, and (j) breaking any other rules established in the Student Rights, Responsibilities and Character Development Handbook.

CANCELLATION OF BTW CLASS: A student who has two class cancellations with less than twenty-four (24) hours notice will result in a BTW class failure.

Dress Code

The dress and grooming of students shall contribute to the health and safety of the individual and promote an orderly educational environment.

These standards apply to all students, unless a specific exception is made by the school administrator.

Please see what not to wear below:

  • No hats, bandanas, hoodies, do-rags, or scarves (unless for religious purpose)
  • No tanks tops, no revealing, thin strapped, or see-through tops
  • No bare midriffs
  • No sagging pants or shorts
  • No short skirts or shorts
  • No clothing that advertises drugs, alcohol, tobacco, illegal substances or activities
  • No flip flops (sandals must have a back strap)
  • No bare feet
  • No house shoes
  • No taps
  • No cleats

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