Failed Eye Check

During the 30 hour classroom phase of Driver Education, a representative from the School Bus and Traffic Safety Division of the DMV will come to our classrooms to conduct a vision and medical screening of all students. The only exception to this procedure is for students attending our Saturday classes (see Saturday class eye check procedures here). Students who successfully complete this screening are issued a Restricted Instruction Permit which allows a student to drive a Driver Education vehicle during their behind-the-wheel training with our certified Driver Education teachers.

If it is found that a student has failed their eye exam and needs corrective lenses, the DMV representative will issue an "804 form" to the student on the day of the vision and medical screening. If your student forgot to bring their corrective lenses to class on the day of the DMV vision test, and you feel that they failed the screening due to this, then click here for details about taking your student with their corrective lenses to the DMV for a free retest.

Students who are issued an 804 form will need to take it to a vision specialist where they will need a vision screening, and the doctor to fill out the 804 form. If corrective lenses are prescribed by the vision specialist, the student will be required to wear them any time they are driving.

Once the student has the 804 form filled out by the vision specialist, it will need to be returned to the Jordan Driving School office by fax, mail, or by bringing it in person. We will attach the 804 form to the student’s Restricted Instruction Permit, and take it to the School Bus and Traffic Safety office for their signature. DMV reserves the right to refuse signature to any Restricted Instruction Permit with paperwork that is not filled out properly. If the DMV does not sign the student’s paperwork, a representative from our office will be in touch with you to give you further instructions.

Once Jordan Driving School has received the 804 form and the DMV representative has seen the 804 form and signed the student’s Restricted Instruction Permit, the student will be placed in the driving file to be called by one of our certified Driver Education teachers.

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