Take Action Now to Save Publicly Funded Driver Education in North Carolina

URGENT! If the Senate budget is passed, the North Carolina Driver Education program is at risk of being eliminated as of July 1, 2014. Please contact your state representative immediately to make sure this does not happen.


Representative _________________,

The Senate budget has made the Driver Education Program funded through the Highway Fund, a non-recurring expenditure (unlike the Governor’s budget) for 2014-2015. In addition, the Senate has cut Department of Public Instruction (DPI) Transportation funding in the education budget by $28,000,000 for 2014-2015. They also included a provision (page 38) stating that DPI can reduce the Transportation funding cut (yellow buses) by using the Highway Funds from Driver Education ($26,000,000-for 2014-2015 only). According to the Senate budget, DPI is being given the authority to decide if North Carolina has a Driver Education Program for our students as early as July 1, 2014 by giving DPI the authority to use the $26,000,000 in highway funds for yellow buses instead of the Driver Education Program.

Driver Training Funds have always been a pass through at DPI and this sends the funds to DPI’s Transportation budget. The loss of the Driver Education Program in North Carolina through our public schools would hurt our students and their families. Please keep the funding for Driver Education in the House Budget. Thank you for your support of our children and the Driver Education Program in North Carolina.

Here is the contact information for your State Representative.

Send your email to your representatives immediately.

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