Missed Eye Check

The School Bus and Driver Traffic Safety Division of DMV is responsible for the issuing of the Restricted Instruction Permit (Eye Check) needed by students to drive the driver education vehicle during the behind-the-wheel phase of driver education. Without this permit, we cannot schedule students for behind-the-wheel instruction.

Eye Checks are now being scheduled with the DMV Specialist through Sign Up Genius for students who are between 14 ½ and 17 years old. Students who are 18 years old should not sign up on Sign Up Genius. Students who are 18 years old, but are still enrolled in a public, private,or charter school or a licensed home school in Mecklenburg County must go to the DMV and apply for their permit before they can be scheduled for the Behind-the-Wheel lessons with Jordan Driving School. More information for 18-year old students can be found here.

Students must complete the classroom phase of driver education before signing up for a eye check on Sign Up Genius or you will be turned away. Also, note that students must be 14 1/2 or older to be eligible for the classroom phase of driver education and to have an eye check performed by the DMV.

Note: After receiving a vision screening by a representative of the DMV, if it is determined that a student needs to go to an eye doctor for further evaluation, the student will be issued a DL77 form by the DMV representative. Students who are issued this form will need to schedule an appointment with their eye doctor who must examine the student's vision and fill out the DL 77 form. Once the DL77 form is completed by the eye doctor, students must take the completed form along with any prescribed lenses back to the School Bus and Traffic Safety division of the DMV for a second vision screening before being released to drive with a Jordan Driving School Behind-the-Wheel instructor.

Please click the link below to choose a date, location, and time to have an eye check performed. These sign ups are exclusively for Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools/Jordan Driving School program students. Please note, there will only be 40 spots available each day at each site. As the DMV gives us additional eye check dates, we will post them on Sign Up Genius.

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